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According to Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus commissioned the apostles and by extension the apostolic church with what is theologically acknowledged as the Great Commission.

This course Conquering Leviathan – The Apostolic Edge: Volume 1 is relevant to the entire body of Christ to fulfill the Great/Apostolic Commission. In order for the end-time church to forge into all the world and experience God-ordained success, we must overcome the satanic strongman assigned to the apostolic church, namely Leviathan.

The course is segmented into Eight Modules with EACH MODULE consisting of:

  • A Reading Assignment.
  • A Video Tutorial.
  • A Quiz (Multiple Choice & Fill in the blanks).
  • An Essay Type Question.
Course Requirements: A Bible, Conquering Leviathan – The Apostolic Edge: Volume 1 Book, A Notepad.

The end result translates to you receiving Apostolic Activation and Alignment to experience Apostolic Applications in your sphere of function.

Book Trailer for Conquering Leviathan-The Apostolic Edge: Volume 1.

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Spiritual Warfare Course: Conquering Leviathan – The Apostolic Edge: Volume 1







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