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An Online Training Institute passionate about training the apostolic church.

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International School of The Apostles (I.S.O.T.A) is focused on Activating & Aligning the Apostolic Church. This school is pioneered as a practical school of training. One that will not replace, but specifically enhance traditional Bible Schools and Seminaries.

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It is imperative for the present-day church to return to our apostolic heritage. The heritage conveyed to us by the Chief Apostle of our faith (i.e. Jesus Christ). There is a divine call for a neo-apostolic church in this dispensation. One that will usher in the return of our soon coming King, bearing the apostolic seal of signs, wonders, and miracles.

Apostle Jonathan Khan

The Vision


the Lord

“Where there is no vision the people perish: …” Proverbs 29:18.

Growing up as a pastor’s son, afforded me the opportunity to meet many itinerant ministers. Many of them flowed in the prophetic, and as such, I received numerous prophetic utterances over my life. I am truly grateful, for the laying on of hands and the impartation of anointings, from those mighty men and women of God. Over time, definable threads of truth through prophecy became quite evident. One such re-occurring prophetic theme was that of me opening a training institute for fivefold ministers.

I humbly accepted these forth-telling words, awaiting the due season for their fulfillment. Thank God for clarity and clearance in this vision of the Lord for my life. For bestowing on me the precious gift of my wonderful wife, Prophetess Rhonda. She has been and presently is a vital curriculum coordinator for this venture. I am honored that the Father has mandated us to establish a practical school of training. Thus, according to the timing of God, we have launched this Online Training Institute (I.S.O.T.A) for all of the apostolic church. Whether you have completed theological training or not, this online school will be of benefit to you as part of the global apostolic church.

Yours in Christ,
Apostle Jonathan & Rhonda Khan.

Authentic Apostolic Leaders

One integral focal point is to pioneer and perpetuate the unadulterated Rhema Word in all offered courses. This will be achieved through Spirit-led partnering with authentic apostolic leaders to dispense truth each and every time.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Each and every one of us is on a different timeline with a unique destiny. Therefore, every course will be flexible to be completed on an indefinite time frame. However, a suggested time will be given for each module to facilitate progress and prevent apathy in completion.

Apostolic Certification

Each short course once successfully completed will result in the student receiving a Completion Certificate. As the curriculum steadily grows to meet the criteria of international accrediting bodies. An accredited Diploma in Apostolic Theology will be afforded to those who complete all courses in the Diploma program.

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Our Motto is: “Activating & Aligning the Apostolic Church”.

We look forward to you joining us on this Online Portal of God’s glory. That your spirit be ignited and your hands empowered to accomplish the entirety of God’s will in Jesus’ name!

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