Conquering Leviathan – The Apostolic Edge: Vol. 1.

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According to Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus commissioned the apostles and by extension the apostolic church with what is theologically acknowledged as the Great Commission. This course is relevant to the entire Body of Christ to fulfill the Great/Apostolic Commission. In order for the end-time church to forge into all the world and experience God-ordained success, we must overcome the satanic strongman assigned to the apostolic church, namely Leviathan. This course is segmented into Eight Modules which EACH consists of:

  • A Reading Assignment
  • Video
  • Quiz
  • An Essay Type Question.

Course Requirements:

The end result translates to you receiving Apostolic Activation and Alignment to experience Apostolic Applications in your sphere of function.

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Learn At Your Own Pace

Each and every one of us is on a different timeline with a unique destiny. Therefore, every course will be flexible to be completed on an indefinite time frame. However, a suggested time will be given for each module to facilitate progress and prevent apathy in completion.

Authentic Apostolic Leaders

One integral focal point is to pioneer and perpetuate the unadulterated Rhema Word in all offered courses. This will be achieved through Spirit-led partnering with authentic apostolic leaders to dispense truth each and every time.

Apostolic Certification

Each short course once successfully completed will result in the student receiving a Completion Certificate. As the curriculum steadily grows to meet the criteria of international accrediting bodies. An accredited Diploma in Apostolic Theology will be afforded to those who complete all courses in the Diploma program.

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International School of The Apostles (I.S.O.T.A) is focused on Activating & Aligning the Apostolic Church. This school is pioneered as a practical school of training. One that will not replace, but specifically enhance traditional Bible Schools and Seminaries.

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